Over Four Decades of Service in East Texas

Jerry Berry Plumbing & Electric was established in 1976 when Jerry Berry bought a plumbing business from two of his uncles. The early years were tough, but the business survived largely due to Jerry’s hard work and determination.

Jerry’s philosophy in business was to treat the customer right, no matter what, each and every time. That business model certainly paid off, as his business quickly became one of the most respected and trusted companies in the Linden, Texas, area. Jerry incorporated in 1993, reaching a pinnacle of success that he had always sought after.

In 2009, Jerry’s son took the reigns of the family business. Mike Berry shared his father’s desire to serve the customers in the Linden with integrity. The business continued to expand, one customer at a time, with the new generation of home owners.

Seeing that his company was in very good hands, Jerry retired from Jerry Berry Plumbing in 2014. His 38 years of service to the people of Linden and surrounding communities had become the very foundation that this business was built on.

In recent years, Mike has shifted the focus of the business to HVAC and electric. In 2017, the business name changed to Jerry Berry Air Conditioning & Electric Inc. While the name might have changed, the dedication, work ethic, standards, and devotion to customer service continues on.